Thursday, 4:25pm.  Run + hills + circuit workout.  Grocery store and miscellaneous errands.

Thursday, 8:15pm.  Arrive at teammate’s house for bachelorette party.  Sangria, party games, themed nicknames, beer, music, and lots of catch up/bonding time.

Friday, 2:35am.  Get home.  The plan: 10 mins to drink water and get some food in my belly, then crash.

Friday, 6:55am.  (Serendipitously, luckily) wake up lying on the sofa in my living room.  Computer on my lap, phone uncharged, still wearing my bachelorette party clothes.  Hustle like woah.

Friday, 7:07am.  Get on the bus to go to school.  Fix my hair and eat breakfast en route.  Take deep breaths and pretend like I don’t have a headache.

Friday, 7:30am.  Class begins.

Friday, 3:30pm.  Leave school.  Exhale.

….happy weekend!